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Matt Roschy was an outsider artist who created art to engage people and make them laugh, he wanted it out in the world for people to enjoy.

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"I find working with other people and younger people can be very refreshing and reinforces my belief that art is fun and can be a great way to portray our feelings. I have never had any art training and was led to believe it was necessary to be artistic. After being exposed to outsider art and artists such as R.A. Miller, I knew I could make "good" art as long as it made me happy. I still laugh at some of my artwork every time I see it and I hope you do to." - matt roschy

About the Artist

Matthew Benton Roschy (1967-2024) from Jamestown, NY was a person of many talents beyond his wit, charm, and authentic friendship to many. Matt considered himself an 'outsider artist' in the shadows of R.A. Miller, Purvis Young, and others. Matt created several hundred pieces in the last decade of his life. Matt's goal was always pure childlike imagery with complex, dark, and/or humorous themes. Over the last two years of his life he worked to get this website and wearable art up and running. He did not live to see it completed, but would be very happy that his family carried it forward and turned the profits toward a great cause - to inspire young new "outsider artists" through a scholarship maintained by the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation. *photo credit: Lori Savaree

Matt's art took on all forms. Tin cut-outs, sculpture, painting, watercolor, recycled materials art, graffiti, luminaries, oil paints, acrylic, photography, collections, toy placements, photo overpainting, art installations, drawings, and wearable art

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